Greta Garbo in Anna Christie (1930)


Stunning 1932 still of Katharine Hepburn on stage as Antiope, grabbing Colin Keith-Johnston’s Theseus by the hair.”


i would literally kill to see martin freeman in a silent movie


 asked: Cary Grant

Favorite film: Bringing Up Baby (1938)


Script: Cohle calmly takes the pulse in his neck, as if idly curious about his heart rate.

Matthew McConaughey explains: He’s coming off of years being Crash. He’s trying to walk the line. Monk-like. Trying to hold it together. And that’s a lot easier with less interaction with others. There’s a mechanical side to him.


i didn’t do my homework but i did do this

Romy Schneider photographed by Giancarlo Botti in Coco Chanel’s apartment, 1961.

Rebecca (1940)

You see, he had a theory that if you should find one perfect thing, or place, or person you should stick to it. Do you think that’s very silly?”